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  2008.02.23  21.54
Cartoon "Rain Man" by BECK.E

Watch new cartoon right here! "Rain Man" by BECK.E
You'll wanna turn up your volume for this one. ;)

Cartoons can be shared with your friends! Wait for end of video for "share" button to appear.

After you watch the cartoon...

CLICK HERE for "the BECK.E channel"
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Two paperback books now available. Plus link to my daily drawings website through at the top of the boutique webpage.



  2007.12.16  22.28
Rome in winter 2007 - photos

Hi from Poland!

2 weeks ago I visited Rome, some pics you can see below, and more in my journal: http://kmieciu.livejournal.com


  2007.12.01  12.10
Wii in Rome?

My parents are living in Rome for a couple of years and I wanted to get them a Wii for christmas. Originally I was going to get one here in the UK and ship it over, but the prices have doubled due to short supply.

I was wondering if they've been selling out in Italy in the same way? Is there any way I could buy one locally for them without flying over there?



  2007.11.22  20.37
Happy Thanksgiving from BECK.E

To view more drawings by BECK.E:


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  2007.10.28  23.59
Check out my art website!

Hi!  Check out my art website!  New drawing uploaded every weekday!


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  2006.06.03  08.48
Lonely Canadian travelling through Rome... in dire need of HOCKEY

Hello, I'm posting on behalf of a friend who is currently travelling through Europe, and will be in Rome next week.

She's Canadian, from Edmonton specifically, and if you follow Hockey you'll understand that she NEEDS to watch the Stanley Cup Finals.

Personally I think she may be out of luck, but I promised to do my best to help her.

Can anyone recommend a bar/hotel/restaurant/television store that might be showing the hockey game?  Or an area of the city that might cater to American/Canadian tourist and thus she'd be more likely to find a place?  Or even bars good for watching soccer games that would at least have the right cable or satellite channels.

thanks so much - any help would be appreciated!!


  2005.09.20  18.03

Hi, I posted before just before I left from America, I'm in Rome (have been for a few weeks) and am actually pretty miserable. Anyone have any advice? I don't like pretty much any of the modern city and the people have definitely been getting on my nerves. I guess part of it is the fact I was placed with a terrible family for the first few weeks, but I don't think it's going to go away. ::sigh::

Mood: morose

  2005.06.22  01.02
Hi ::waves::

I'm (obviously) new to the group. I'm going to be spending next college year (my sophomore fall and spring semesters) in Rome, first going to a language school and then attending the American University of Rome. I'd love to hear from anyone willing to offer advice, their opinions, or even who just want to talk. Pretty much everything you would want to know about me can be found on my info page ^.^


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  2005.03.17  23.28

Hi, im new here. My name is Ashley I am 16 and I am from Canada.

this august i will be in rome (around the 3rd week of august), I will be there for my 17th birthday, and i really do not want to go out for supper then sit in a hotel room, or look at sites, i wanna go out and have fun, like maybe go to a dance club or something. does anyone know a good, fun club to go to, or have a better idea on how to spend my birthday in rome?


  2005.01.13  20.42

This is my first post, so here's some info on me...

name: Emily
city, country: Florida, USA
college (or high school): St. Petersburg High
job: Part time at ice cream shop
interests: traveling, music, so much stuff

I've been to rome once before and it was over this past summer. I was taking a tour of the mediterranian and we stopped in Rome for 2-3 days. I love it soo much. I love Europe, but Rome was sooo much fun. It is probably my favorite spot in Europe.

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  2004.10.01  07.19


I'm going to Rome in March. I've never left the states before and I'm going there to study art. What should I expect when I get there?



  2004.05.24  13.45

name: Jill
city, country: Florence Italy
college (or high school): UC Berkeley, 88
job: staying at home with two young kids now. Financial analyst/business developer in "reallife"
interests: italy, italian, french, france, cooking, travelling, languages, reading, digital photography
your story (the trial of your life): been in europe since 1989, except for a three year stint of graduate school back in the states. in italy for 3+ years and loving it.


  2004.05.24  11.14
living in italy

I've been searching through "interests" trying to find a community for people living in Italy-- since I can't find one, I'm starting one-- living_in_italy. If you're interested, come and check it out!! Thanks!


  2003.07.02  22.16

Well hello everyone :)
I'm new to this communtiy (as well as many others, lol) and am on the quest for information about Italy (most particularly Rome)

I am a 21 year old female student at Oregon State University in the USA, and will be leaving to Italy this saturday. (i know, late to be looking for travel tips!)
I will be living there studdying Italian (which i have never learned before) and also art history. I will be there a month (july 5-August 5) living in Rome (but traveling on weekends to 4 or 5 cities total)

anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any tips for traveling and living (short term as a college student) in Italy. absolutely ANY info would be greatly welcomed! :) Thank you! :)

(cross posted in a few travel communities, if you guys have some good places i can pose this same question, i would appreciate you pointing me in a new direction as well) :)


  2002.07.02  21.51

looking for some advice...

where are the best laid-back places for 20-year-olds to go to in rome? --not expensive and has good character--


  2002.07.02  13.31
ciao a tutti

non ho ben capito se sono l'unico ad aver aderito per ora, e soprattutto se sono l'unico italiano vivente in roma di questa comunità.
comunque un poco di inglese lo parlo, ma mi vergogno perchè il livello non è proprio eccezionale.
se non capite alzate la mano!
(bella questa: se non capite come potreste dirlo? d'altronde ai corsi di inglese che ho fatto negli states lo dicevano sempre... e naturalmente nessuno alzava la mano)

adesso vi posto una mia foto:


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  2002.06.29  23.00

please, in your first post:

give info where applicaple so we know a lil' about u. ^_^ thanx

city, country:
college (or high school):
your story (the trial of your life): --extremely optional, but i like to ask--


  2002.06.29  22.35
how to join

some have questions on how to join/post in a community. (for those who already know, just skip this entry.)

go to:

http://www.livejournal.com/users/rome_area (or if a different community, go to its website. replace "rome_area" in address with name of community.)

to post in a community, first u must join it. ^_^

to join:

go to "user profile" at top of rome_area website. then, at the page you're taken to, hit the "click here" link at top of page. and then join.

to post in community:
where u usually go to update your journal to the left of http://www.livejournal.com, notice the "..." next to "update journal". click that.

type what u what to be posted in the community where u usually do.
there will be an option of choosing which journal u want to post in. scroll down to "rome_area" (u must join community first!).
sounds like a lot of steps but it's pretty simple once u get the hang of it. ^_^

good luck!