rome_area (rome_area) wrote,

how to join

some have questions on how to join/post in a community. (for those who already know, just skip this entry.)

go to: (or if a different community, go to its website. replace "rome_area" in address with name of community.)

to post in a community, first u must join it. ^_^

to join:

go to "user profile" at top of rome_area website. then, at the page you're taken to, hit the "click here" link at top of page. and then join.

to post in community:
where u usually go to update your journal to the left of, notice the "..." next to "update journal". click that.

type what u what to be posted in the community where u usually do.
there will be an option of choosing which journal u want to post in. scroll down to "rome_area" (u must join community first!).
sounds like a lot of steps but it's pretty simple once u get the hang of it. ^_^

good luck!
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